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6 Unmissable Things to Do in Yallingup

Having just returned from an epic Perth to Esperance road trip we’re starting our ‘things to do’ saga in awesome Yallingup. Yallingup is a small town located in the South West of Western Australia. It is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful landscapes and its many recreational activities. 

Yallingup is packed with unmissable things to do and there really is something for everyone in this beautiful town.

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What to do in Yallingup

1. Visit the Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the South West region. At more than 500,000 years old, home to many fascinating rock formations, and up there with the best caves in WA, the Ngilgi Cave is well worth a visit. 

Formerly called Yallingup Cave, the name was changed to acknowledge and respect Aboriginal mythology, which plays a big part in the rich history of this cave. Even the name Yallingup itself means “Place of Caves” in the local Wardandi Aboriginal dialect. 

This iconic cave offers guided tours that take you through its stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations. The cave is open all year round and offers tours for both adults and children. For just A$22.50 for adults, you can take an hour-long semi-guided tour of the cave allowing you to explore at your own pace. 

2. Watch the sunset at Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks is a unique rock formation that has been created as a result of thousands of years of erosion by the Indian Ocean. The power of the ocean has carved through the granite rock to create a stunning channel (or canal). Thanks to a manmade boardwalk, you can easily explore the scored rocks and look out for sealife in the crystal clear waters. 

If you’re hanging around for the day, be sure to watch the sunset from one of the many lookout points for a breathtaking view and the perfect end to a day exploring Yallingup. 

3. Snorkel at The Aquarium

Similar to Canal Rocks, the Aquarium is a natural channel carved through the rocks. This one, however, is extremely sheltered, making it ideal snorkeling conditions. The beach is mostly coarse shell, so a bit rough on the feet, and we have heard that it can get extremely busy at times, but it was deserted for us and absolutely stunning. 

How to get to the aquarium

When heading back up the road from Canal Rocks, look out for a small car park on the left. Grab your bathers and snorkeling gear, take the steady 10 minute bush walk down to the beach and there you’ll find the natural aquarium. 

4. Injidup Natural Spa

Rock hop your way around Wyadup Rock to find Injidup Natural Spa. On a warm day, this little spot is absolute heaven. Throw on your bathers and climb down into the welcoming pool of clear blue water. As the waves crash nearby, they force a huge splash which is broken by the rocks surrounding the pool. The water disperses and gushes into the pool below, creating a bubbling sensation that gives the feeling of being in a spa bath – hence the name! It was a cooler day when we visited so despite the water being FREEZING, it meant we could enjoy the spa to ourselves.  

5. Sample some wine at a local winery 

Yallingup is well known for its world-class wineries and produce some of Western Australia’s finest wines. There are several wineries located in the area that offer cellar door tastings as well as tours of their facilities. This is a great activity for couples or small groups as it provides an opportunity to sample some of the local produce while learning about the wine making process. 

6. Yallingup Lagoon

Sit back and enjoy unreal views of the ocean’s playground. Here you’ll find surfers, kayakers, snorkelers, swimmers, and paddle boarders. Join in with the adventurers, or grab some fish and chips and soak in the scenery. 

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, with friends or as a family, there is something for everyone in Yallingup. Yallingup is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful corner of the world.

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