Camping Gear

Whether you’re a camping veteran or a first-timer, having the right camping gear makes all the difference. There’s no denying that camping is great fun, but a few wrong pieces of equipment could turn your trip into a total disaster. Plus, with so much on the market these days, how do you know what is good and what is trash? We are giving you our honest reviews of the best camping gear available in Australia, with full lists of their pros and cons.

Camping Gear Reviews

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dune 4wd double swag in the forest

[Review] Dune 4WD King Titan Deluxe Double Swag

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hiking sleeping bag lay on grass with a great mountain view

Best Hiking Sleeping Bag [Australia 2023]

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lightweight camping stove with pan on the boil

Best Lightweight Hiking Stove [Australia 2023]

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Best Camping Chairs in Australia 2023

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Best Single Swag Available in Australia 2023

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Australia’s Best Camping Stove (Multi-burners)

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Best Double Swag Australia 2023

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