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13 Epic Things to Do in Esperance

Esperance was the final destination on our recent Perth to Esperance road trip and it did not disappoint. There are so many things to do in Esperance for lovers of the great outdoors. Here we’ll list our favourite activities for anyone looking to truly experience the adventures Esperance, and some nearby areas, has to offer. 

What to do in Esperance

1. Climb Frenchman’s Peak

This climb was the highlight of our most recent trip to Esperance. The climb is short but very steep and worth every single step. Near the top you’ll find a cave that frames the scenery beautifully. This cave alone is worth the trek but the panoramic views from the top are the icing on the cake. It’s not a particularly difficult walk if you have a reasonable level of fitness, but it’s definitely recommended to wear proper footwear and follow the markers for the easiest route. 

top of frenchman's peak in esperance

2. Cruise the Great Ocean Drive

Easily one of the best coastal drives in WA, the Great Ocean Drive is a must on your visit to Esperance. There are plenty of stop off points to take in the views and walk down to one of the many beaches along the route. Stop for a dip and really make the most of this epic part of your road trip. 

3. People Watch at Twighlight Bay

A popular spot along the Great Ocean Drive, and for good reason, it’s absolutely stunning. The clear blue waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and rock formations give kids and adults alike the perfect jumping platform. This beach in inaccessible to vehicles which makes it the perfect peaceful place to relax and people watch for a few hours. 

4. Check Out Wylie Bay Beach

Before stopping to grab lunch at Lucky Bay Brewing (another must visit), why not head down to Wylie Bay Beach to take in the gorgeous scenery. At the end of the beach is a large rock that is popular with 4WDers. For a hit of adrenaline, competent drivers have been known the take the steep climb to the top of the rock, though off-road enthusiasts have been urged to think twice about driving on Wylie Bay Beach as it is technically ‘not permitted’. Even so, it’s worth seeing Wylie Bay Beach and Wylie Bay Rock on foot at least for the sheer beauty of the area. 

5. Meet a Kangaroo at Lucky Bay

This picturesque beach is one of the most photographed locations in Esperance due to its white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s also a great spot for 4WDing, swimming, snorkeling and, of course, getting your picture taken with a kangaroo. This spot is most famous for the resident roos that bask on the beach, usually early morning. If you’re staying at Lucky Bay Campground, you’ll likely see local roos wandering around the site, so be careful not to leave food lying around!

6. See Pink Lake Hillier

This natural wonder is located on Middle Island, one of 104 islands located off Esperance’s coastline. The lake is quite a sight to behold with its pink water, however, it can only be viewed from a boat or with a scenic flight. The best way to see the bubblegum pink water is from the a birds eye view, you can book a scenic flight here

7. Drive through Cape Le Grande National Park

Located near Esperance, Cape Le Grand National Park is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. It boasts striking views of majestic coastal cliffs, white sands and crystal clear waters that make the drive alone something for the bucket list. With a variety of activities such as walking trails, pristine beaches, wildflower gardens and wildlife spotting opportunities, there’s something for everyone in this stunning park. 

8. Catch Salmon at Cape Le Grand Beach

Spending the day at Cape Le Grand beach is truly a unique experience. The crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean provide an idyllic backdrop for some of the best salmon fishing in Australia. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, nothing matches the thrill of catching your own dinner. 

9. Brave the cold water at Hellfire Bay

Take a refreshing dip in the blue waters of Hellfire Bay. Whether you’re looking for a bit of exercise, want to shake the hangover, or just want to admire the scenery while standing waist-deep in sea salt and sunshine, you won’t be disappointed when taking a plunge at Hellfire Bay.

10. Check out Whistling Rock and Thistle Cove

Whistling Rock and Thistle Cove are two remarkable coastal locations situated in Cape Le Grand National park. Wake up early and head down to Thistle Cover for your own, private slice of paradise. It’s far less accessible than its neighbour, Lucky Bay, meaning you can usually avoid the morning crowds and enjoy the beach to yourself when it’s not too busy in the area. Whistling Rock is a large rock formation near the car park which, if you like cool rocks, is a great place to stop for a picture and take in the vast ocean views. 

11. Hike to Rotary Lookout

Perched atop a hill in the picturesque coastal town of Esperance is the Rotary Lookout. This little gem is the ideal spot for taking in breathtaking panoramic views over the town and out towards neighbouring islands and stunning beaches. Locals and tourists alike gather at Rotary Lookout throughout the year to take a moment for reflection and appreciate its beauty. There are also plenty of walking trails around to stretch your legs after a long drive. 

12. Heading East? Stop at Cape Arid National Park

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Esperance is Cape Arid National Park. This is a peaceful haven for those looking for outdoor adventures. Boasting crystal clear waters surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, and diverse flora and fauna, it truly is one of the most beautiful places in WA. It offers an array of activities such as fishing, bushwalking, camping, four-wheel-driving and whale watching during migration season. 

13. Heading West? Stop at Stokes Inlet

Stokes Inlet is one of our favorite places for camp for a couple of nights when exploring this area. The calm waters of the inlet give shelter from the wind and is the perfect spot to catch your own fish dinner. Even the worst fisherman is almost guaranteed to catch black bream which cooks lovely on the barbeque.

Esperance offers some epic outdoor experiences; from hiking trails with breathtaking views to meeting kangaroos on the whitest beaches you’ll ever see. There’s something here for everyone, so if you love to get out in nature and fancy taking a new adventure, get yourself down to Esperance! Whether you’re staying long-term or just passing through don’t miss out on these 13 epic things do while visiting beautiful Esperance. Enjoy!

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