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Ultimate Checklist for Camping in Australia

An organised camper is a happy camper so we’ve written a complete camping checklist, split into categories, so you can focus on planning your epic Aussie camping trip! This list includes all the essentials and optional luxuries you will need when camping in Australia. We’ll cover everything from tents and cooking equipment to food and toiletries, so let’s get into it. 

Quick note: some of the items are repeated in more than one section as they fall under different categories and we’d hate for you to miss something important! If this is your first camping trip, read our complete guide to camping in Australia for beginners.

Essential camping gear list – The most important items

– Tent/Swag

– Sleeping bag

– Pillow

– Torch/headtorch (and batteries)

– Matches/lighter (kept in a waterproof container)

– First aid kit

– Sunscreen

– Reusable water bottle (and plenty of water!)

– Food (include nonperishable food items such as granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit)

– Bug spray

– Phone (and charger)

– Money

– Compass/map/GPS

Checklist for cooking great food when camping in Australia

– Cooler box/esky

– Frozen ice bricks/gel packs

– Gas stove

– Gas bottle (filled with gas)

– Matches/lighter

– Portable BBQ/firepit (where and when campfires are permitted only)

– Firewood (there are rules and regulations you must follow when it comes to burning firewood – please check the latest information on campfires and firewood)

– Water container with tap

– Stovetop kettle

– Plates/Bowls/Cups

– Cutlery i.e. knives, forks, teaspoons, tablespoons

– Kitchen utensils i.e. sharp knife, spatula, tongs

– Can opener

– Bottle opener

– Scissors

– Chopping board

– Cooking oil (cooking spray is a great option when camping)

– Saucepan/frying pan

– Food storage containers/Ziploc bags

– Kitchen towel

– Biodegradable wipes 

– Rubbish bags

– Foil

– Washing up bowl

– Dishwashing liquid

– Dishwashing cloth/sponge

– Tea towel

P.s. don’t forget the food!! There’s nothing worse than setting up camp, ready to cook an awesome meal and realise you can help the food at the front door of your house! We have done this before (doh!) and will never live it down! 

What food to pack when camping in Australia

Food and snacks are an essential part of any camping trip! Make sure you pack enough food and water for everyone in your group. Here are some suggested items to pack: 

– Water, water, water!

– Beer

– Breakfast bars/granola

– Nuts and dried fruit

– Milk

– Coffee/tea bags

– Sugar

– Cooking spray/oil

– Butter

– Bread

– Eggs

– Bacon

– Crisps

– Chocolate

– Protein bars

– Pasta

– Instant noodles

– Rice

– Chicken

– Stir fry sauces

– Ready chopped vegetables

– Fruit

Camping checklist for a comfortable set-up

– Camping chairs

– Airbed

– Pump

– Table

– Tarp/groundsheet

– Blankets

– Hammock

– Windbreak

– Gazebo

– Umbrella

– Clothes line and pegs

– Dustpan and brush

Don’t forget to pack these other camping items

– Stubby holders

– Trowel (for when nature calls)

– Fly net

– Earplugs

– Shoe spray for smelly feet at the end of a busy day

– Camp games such as cards, frisbee, football, chess

– Spare batteries

– Sewing key/safety pins

– Spanner to connect gas fittings

– Repair kits for tent/airbed 

– Fire extinguisher 

– Pocket knife

– Tent pegs

– Mallet for tent pegs

– Duct tape

Toiletries and personal items checklist

– Medication

– First aid kit

– Sunscreen

– Insect repellent

– Snake bite kit

– Toilet roll

– Flannel

– Face wash

– Body wash

– Towel

– Moisturiser

– Dry shampoo

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

– Shampoo and conditioner

– Razor

– Tweezers

– Hairbrush and hair elastics

– Mirror

– Plasters

– Aspirin

– Lotion/anti-histamine for rashes and insect bites

– Anti-septic spray

Essential clothes to pack when camping in Australia

– Decent socks

– Comfortable underwear

– Hat

– Sunglasses

– Thongs/slides (you may want an extra pair to wear in the shower blocks)

– Pants/shorts

– T-shirts

– Hoodie/fleece

– Waterproof coat

– Something to sleep in (bear in mind that it can get cold at night, even in summer)

– Swimmers

– Wet suit

– Hiking boots

– Water shoes

– Sneakers

– Day backpack

Useful gadgets and recreational items when camping in Australia

– Mobile phone

– Camera/action camera/drone

– Binoculars

– Sat Nav

– Solar charger

– Charging cables

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– Compass

– Fishing tackle

– Snorkel

– Speaker

– Pen and paper

– Books


– Kayak

Essential to-do list before you leave for a camping tip in Australia

– Familiarise yourself with local emergency numbers (call 000 for life-threatening or time-critical emergencies)

– Tell people where you are going – just in case.

– Charge all devices and have a way to charge them during your trip (solar-powered, portable phone charges are great for Australia)

– Clear out your fridge at home and bin anything that is at risk of going off before you return home (you’re welcome!)

– Empty all the bins before you leave

– Water plants 

– Download the map of the area you’re visiting so you can access the sat nav without an internet connection

– Carry out essential vehicle checks before making the journey e.g. tyre pressure and tread depth, oil level, radiator coolant, lights, spare wheel. Check out this road trip checklist.

– Download a film or two to watch on your phone/iPad in case of bad weather. 

– Check the weather forecast before you go (this will help to plan what clothes and gear to pack).

One final (cheesy) thing you MUST pack for your camping trip is your sense of adventure and positive mindset! Camping can sometimes bring unforeseeable challenges such as a sudden change of weather, but that’s all part of the fun! If you forget something, don’t panic. Campers are generally friendly folk that don’t mind helping a neighbour out if there’s something essential you have forgotten, just ask.

Have we missed anything? Let us know at hello@waadventurer.com and we’ll add it in.

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